What did they say

Our NDIS staff are now setting up a ‘time out’ corner and we will be putting Splitting the Arrow there for them to read and support them in restoring their wellness and wellbeing.

The work that staff do is so filled with clients stories of pain, anguish, sorrow and confusion…having a space to restore with such reading materials is such a blessing.

Indigenous Wellbeing Centre, Bundaberg, Queensland

In the work that we do we can often forget to look after ourselves, celebrate the wins or remind our colleagues just how much we enjoy working with them and appreciate everything that they do.

Shine for Kids is more than just a job it is a passion and commitment to making the world a better place for our families and children.

[the author] shows with small stories and beautiful illustrations how simple it is to be happy in this book Splitting the Arrow.

Shine for Kids

It is amazing how the response has been and the joy it has provided young people with personal issues.

Thank  you for this awesome opportunity, I have not heard one negative response to the book and even those young people that I lent a book to for concern they would not read it, actually did read it and were very grateful for then being given the book.

Braking the Cycle Project, Police-Citizens Youth Clubs, Queensland